What I learnt today from Rachel Shechtman founder of Story

Reinventing Retail: Experience-Driven Commerce.

If we are the same people who live offline as well as online and our expectations and our behaviours are changing because of these innovations what is the 2.0 version of that in the physical world?

Rachel is the founder of a store or as she puts it a space, that has the point of view of a magazine, who reinvents the space entirely every three to eight weeks like a gallery but sells things like a store.

Using the physical space to tell a story is a very interesting concept. With many people saying bricks-and-mortar is dead but most people are not adapting and changing how they define retail.

Should retailers be asking. What can you do offline that you can’t do online? Look for ways to introduce an experience and use technology to enhance it. Check out some of their amazing spaces.

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